Plastic Surgeons In Baltimore: What You Need To Know

Plastic surgery is a medical procedure to correct or reform a specific part of the body. Over the years, the number of procedures have greatly expanded due to the technological advancement as well as experienced professional that makes each procedure safer. Although plastic surgery has been tied with aesthetic improvements, in reality it has more functions than others. Cheek implants, ear pinning, nose jobs, breast reduction, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, buttock lift and liposuction are some of the various procedures that are done. To improve patient's needs, almost all parts of the body can be improved and reconstructive procedures due to developmental abnormalities, trauma, infections and disease that is covered by insurance is a bonus.

To give you a brief background on plastic surgery, the first person to receive skin graft is a World War 1 soldier who was injured during the battle and he was Walter Yo. The person who developed the technique is Harold Gillies who was assisting wounded soldier who have severe facial injuries. Archibald McIndoe, a cousin of Harold Gillies was the one who took on his work during the World War 2 in treating soldiers who have severe burns. In 1946, he conducted the first male to female sex change which then catapulted the rise of plastic surgery and has since then becoming available. You can then schedule a free consultation today.

The primary types of plastic surgery, reconstructive, cosmetics and sub-specialties. The reconstructive procedure are carried out to correct damage due to traumatic injuries. Cosmetic procedure on the other hand is purely aesthetics which the only goal is to enhance specific feature. Sub-specialties includes craniofacial, burns, micro and pediatric and hand.

The skin grafting technique is common procedure. This is a procedure wherein skin is being transplanted to a specific part of the body and it has three methods that includes, allografts, autografts and xenografts. The allografts mean that a sample is being removed from the donor which has the same type of skin. The autografts is where samples of the skin is taken from the patient and is then grafted in other part of the body. The xenografts come from the original donor but have a different skin species. With this type of method, the doctor has to be very careful in planning of incisions as well as the perfect wound closure to ensure minimal scarring.

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